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An Amazing and Affordable Black Enameled Grill

by Natalie Heflin 30 Jun 2021 0 Comments





If you are like us, you think it is just not right to have to pay $500 or more for a high quality porcelain coated grill. When we founded Monument Grills it was out of frustration with the options on the market. You could buy high quality but you paid through the nose. Or you could buy these cheaper options but you had to sacrifice cooking performance and grill life. It has gotten to the point that many of these grills have a 2 or 3 year life given the quality.











Our Grills have the performance characteristics of the high priced options but at an affordable price. Take the Black Enameled grill pictured here. It can go feature to feature with a $600 grill and in-fact come out on top on a number of key attributes with features like:

  • LED lighted knobs (see above)
  • An LED grilling light (hey most cooking is done in the evening)
  • 4 Burners for more heat and even heat
  • A bigger grilling surface - go ahead and put the corn on with the burgers
  • A larger cart with more storage

Check out the grill here

Plus our Enameled lid is virtually scratch proof - 

But our grills are not just durable and beautiful on the outside. They also cook better and last longer because of our innovative burner design. Find out how here.

Our grills are not just durable and beautiful on the outside. They also have amazing cooking performance and long life due to the burner design. See how we do it here.

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