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What's your advice to grill in winter?

by Jack Hu 06 Dec 2022 14 Comments

What's your advice to grill in winter?


Do you grill through winter? 

What's your tips to grill in winter to make sure the food is cooked well?

Share your ideas and see what other people think about them! 



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11 Dec 2022 Themobilephoneguy

I grill all year round. I move my grills into the garage and open the door and turn a fan on to blow smoke outside. I like to eat fresh grilled steaks, burgers and tuna steak in the winter months because hot, hearty food warms up the whole body and satisfies. Can’t go wrong.

07 Dec 2022 Rid Francisco
Since it gets dark early in the winter time, I always make sure I have plenty of light and will use temporary lighting attached to the hood or have lanterns at my disposal so I can actually see what I’m cooking!
07 Dec 2022 Dennis

If possible, then move the grill under an overhang or awning. Start cooking earlier in the day to take advantage of the sunlight. Dress warm. Keep track of time that the meat is on the grill. Go in and out of the house based upon the time spent on the grill. Warm up the plate(s) on which you bring in the meat. Cover the meat and plate with aluminum foil.

07 Dec 2022 Jim Botelle

Definitely move the grill closer to the door. Remote thermometer to keep an eye on the cooking without having to constantly check the temperature in person. Allow a little extra time for the cold temperature around the grill. Start the grill a little bit earlier so the food is done when you’re ready for it.

06 Dec 2022 RDHCOUNTRY

PREHEAT grill and adjust the heat according to outside temps. Not a bad idea to use a probe thermometer as outsides temps may make the grill thermometer off from outside temps affecting the read out of the actual inside temps of the grill.

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