Reversible Cast Iron Cooking Plate

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The reversible cast iron cooking plate allows you to add a different kind of cooking surface to your Monument Grill. Perfect for searing meats, cooking fish or vegetables for family or friends. The 9.45 in. wide x 17.7" cast iron construction provides great heat retention. Reversible as one side is smooth and the reversed side is ribbed. Works on all gas or charcoal grills with cooking surface larger than 10" x 18".

- Cast Iron construction - The natural properties of the cast iron allows foods such as meat and fish to cook thoroughly without losing any flavor or moisture

- Constructed from ultra-strong cast iron with a black matte finish, the griddle boasts fantastic heat distribution and retention properties to ensure an even cook

- The griddle pan features a drip tray and channels allowing oils and fats to run off your food for a fat-free healthier cooking experience

- The flat side is a hotplate suitable for all foods such as mushrooms, onion quarters, tomatoes, fried eggs, & pancakes

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