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Get that wood smoked flavor from your gas grill with this stainless steel smoker box from Monument Grills. Simply deposit wet wood chips (sold separately) into the tinderbox, close the vented lid, place atop or below the grill grate and ignite the burners. Rich, natural smoke will permeate your firebox and infuse foods with a flavorful kick that will have mouths watering. An essential grilling accessory, this universal smoker allows you to achieve a great smoky flavor on any grill. The hinged lid with large tab allows you to easily add chips while in use. Add the great flavor of smoke to your grilled foods without catching your wood chips on fire with this fun tool for your grill. Fill up the stainless steel smoker box with your favorite wood chips and start grilling! Our perforated lid gets rid of smoke, so no worries of fire. Also, don't forget to add flavored liquids , juices and even marinades for extra zest. If you smoke often, the smoker boxes are a great investment.

- Universal smoker box is compatible with most gas grills

- Imparts natural smoky flavor into gas-grilled foods

- Forged with stainless steel for easy upkeep and long-lasting use

- Can be filled with aromatic wood chips or fragrant herbs for all kinds of smoky flavor infusions

- Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

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