Red, White and BLUE-berry Habanero Burgers

🍔Red, White and Blue-berry Habanero Burgers

Red, White and BLUE-berry Habanero Burgers: 

🍔(6) 1/3lb burgers, seasoned with Monument Grills Beef Rub

🥬(1) head of romaine lettuce

🧅(1) red onion, sliced

🧀 (6) slices of white provolone cheese

🍅 (1) tomato, sliced


🫐(1) C Blueberries

🥬 (1) habanero, seeded

🍅(1/2) C tomatoes

🍔 (1/4) C sugar

🍋(1) Lemon, squeez

 Please note:

  • "(1)" indicates a unit or quantity used to represent the amount of ingredients or seasonings.
  • "C" represents a cup, which is a unit of volume. 



1)Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until desired texture


2)Heat your Monument Grill up to Medium.


3)Add burgers, season with Beef Rub and cook until 160° IT.


4)Lay down a leaf of lettuce, burger, RED onion, WHITE provolone cheese, tomatoes and top with the BLUE-berry Habanero salsa. 





 We recommend using the D405 gas grill to make this grilled watermelon.

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