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Make It Easier 

The app suggests the proper doneness, and is easier to pair, to use and to read. All you need to do is: fire up the grill,prepare all the food, and then:

1. Turn on the Bluetooth to let it pair (App: MonumentGrills)

2. Choose your food doneness (beaf, pork, chicken, ect), or set up the timer with ideal temperature, and let it alert you when things get done

Supports superior 65 feet connection range outside and 16 feet range inside the house, make it easier and reliable to go.

Make It Smarter 

Still checking the food status by openning the lid? Time is everything. If you also have strugling moments with the temperature and doneness monitor, this App + LED + Viewing Lid (three-in-one) design gonna save much.

First of all, thanks to the timer, food settings and temperature monitoring function on the app, you can makeaccurate controlon your grilling work.
Even beginners can cook like a chief!

Make It Tougher

Hate the frustated cleaning time? On Denali, we use porcelain cast-iron grid and enamel firebox for easy clean and dirt resistant;quality 304 stainless main burners for durable use.

Plus powerful side burner of 12,000 BTU for multiple cooking purposes.Just thinking from your needs.

Make It Fancier

These delicate upgraded knob lights is not simply for decoration. White, orange, and red, indicates ON/OFF, and different heat levels,
to let you know the current fire status easily by telling from the knob color even from a distance.

Make It Larger

We are trying to bring you with more cooking areas as well.Two levels of grids design, a total of 725-895 sq, this grill can serve big family and party easily.
Shelf and side burner 2-in-1,makes the best use of space.

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