What do customers think of Monument?

Awesome Grill

I love this grill. It has great quality and was very easy to assemble. The back of of it has a removable tray which makes cleaning it very easy. 


This grill far exceeds expectations considering it's price point. Disperses heat very even. Love the led lights but most of all, really impressed with customer service and support.

Ron Wilson

Wanted to upgrade from my basic cart grill but did not want to spend the big bucks for the "top line" grill. Did my homework and decided Monument has the best look, grill space, BTU's, space to fit on a smaller deck. Monument did not disappoint. Fast delivery, easy to assemble directions, no missing parts, and boy oh boy does it heat up fast. Cooked a perfect rib eye first time. Two thumbs up!

Wayne Balnicki

I bought this because I like that they are a startup trying to give the big boys a run for the money. The steel isn't as thick as a Weber, but it doesn't need to be either. It is 90% as good for half the cost. The heat is very even, especially front to back. It gets incredibly hot, much higher temps than my prior grill. I am very pleased with this. I would not have been as pleased if it cost what a Weber cost, but it doesn't. I would absolutely recommend this. Buy a cover.

David S.

Had a damage issue that was due to the freight company and no fault of Monument Grill. Sent an email with pics of damaged box and unit damage and replacement parts were there within days. Customer Service is key for me even when I’m not paying an arm and leg! I will be back for our second home grill when the time comes.

Cyril K.