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Monument Grills 77352 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill review

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The Monument Grills 13478 is part of the Grills test program at Consumer Reports.

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Top 20 Best New Home Products | Lawn and Garden

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10 Best Monument Grill Reviews for 2022

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Monument Grill Reviews: Worth Buying in 2021

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Monument Grills Review

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Meet our Valued Grill Ambassadors

We have Monument Grills from all over! NFL Players, Hardware enthusiast, Vloggers, Streamers, and the most important, Families! Come by and meet our Valued Grill Ambassadors as they show off their skills on their Monument Grills


CountryDaddyBBQ was started to bring unique and creative backyard bbq that everyone can enjoy! CountryDaddyBBQ seasoning and sauces are all made with the same unique and creative ways while using only fresh ingredients free from MSG, Gluten, Soy, Anti-Caking Agents, fillers, Dyes, Chemicals & GMOs. Giving any backyard pitmaster the secret weapon to great BBQ flavor.
Excelled at every test! I absolutely love my Monument Grill! Evenly cooked, deeply seared, great temperature control. Simple to assemble, maintain and user friendly! The rotisserie kit is my ultimate favorite!!!! 5-stars all day! I highly recommend to anyone from beginners to pro!

Grill Mark Co

Grill Mark Co. started as an idea in 2017 to create excellent barbecue in your own backyard. As the brand grew, the social media presence grew. Over the last five years Grill Mark Co. has seen growth to over twenty thousand followers and subscribers across social media.
Mark Ashby is the Founder and CEO of Grill Mark Co. I have dreams of opening my own outdoor and grill store one day. I strive hard to provide for my family. I have been married for over ten years to Jessica (the Queen of Que), and have three children (Carson, Cooper, and Presley). My two boys are special needs, which makes me work even harder. Grill Mark Co. annually raises money for different Autism charities and organizations. Grill Mark Co. also supports Operation BBQ Relief.
As I continue my journey through the barbecue world, I am excited to partner with Monument Grills to help make everyone a grillionaire in their own backyard.

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