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Monument Grills originated at the heart of Geogia. Our heartfelt mission is to bring joy and lasting memories to thousands of families and millions of passionate grilling enthusiasts with respectable quality and reasonable price. 

our brand story

The story of Monument Grills began in 2013 when three friends, who shared the same concerns,determained to bring the gap between good grill and good price. 

Our mission

To build a better grill at a better price. To make every meal respected and enjoyed.

our Story

On Fulton Street in Atlanta, there stands a welcoming office known as Monument Grills LLC. From the moment the doors open in the morning until they close in the evening,the place buzzes with activity as people come and go, often sharing cookies with the friendly staff and leaving with smiles on their faces. For eight years, Monument Grills has been a beloved part of this community, and their journey is nothing short of inspiring.

The story of Monument Grills began in 2013 when three friends, each working in different industries but sharing a passion for BBQ, faced a common frustration: why was it so hard to find a high-quality grill at an affordable price? They had loving families, including proud kids and supportive wives, and one even had two adorable dogs. They cherished weekend camping trips and Friday night family dinners, continuing the BBQ tradition from their fathers. However, after discarding three grills in four years due to poor quality, they were determined to find a better solution.

Why high-quality grills were typically expensive, while cheaper options compromised on performance and durability?

Determined to bridge this gap, they set out to create a new category of grills that offered reliable performance at a reasonable price. Over the next three years, they traveled the world, seeking the best manufacturing partners to build the ideal grill for households like theirs. After numerous trials, errors, and extensive research, they brought samples to the market and received significant attention and positive feedback. This success gave them the confidence to invest further, expanding their product line to include grills for backyard use and outdoor camping. Inspired by the enduring symbolism and spiritual significance of mountains in their hometown, they chose to name their brand "Monument Grills." Mountains represent consistency, inspiration, and the ability to conquer challenges—qualities they aimed to embody in their grills: reliability, durability, and exceptional value. Monument Grills LLC was officially established in Atlanta on August 21, 2016. Since its inception, the company has placed a strong emphasis on customer service across all facets—from product design and user communication to shipping and overall brand experience. Their mission is to meet the needs of families grappling with the same challenges in selecting the right grill. Monument Grills is committed to listening to customers and providing a wide range of products with personalized care. Their customer-first philosophy permeates every part of the company. Over the years, Monument Grills has successfully balanced incorporating advanced technology with maintaining simplicity and ease of use, ensuring their products are convenient and worry-free for consumers.

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