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Monument Grills was founded by a team of experts in grill design and manufacturing

our brand story

Monument Grills are a company founded in 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia by a team of expertsin grill design and manufacture for more than 20 years.

It is a premier manufacturer of gas, charcoal and pellet grills. Monument Grill goal was to deliver high performing grills at a great value.

Our mission

Monument focuses on Gas Grills with no distractions. Over the years, from basically quality stainless and black grills to natural and propane dual gas support, to smart DENALI gas grills, and more creations in the future, we keep the faith to make quality, fashion design, reliable use, easy operation, all-ages friendly and more environmentally friendly products. Instead of making things more expensive, we offer grilling lovers more flexible choices, and responsive customer service, dynamic social shares. Monument Grills focuses not only on products but to pursue and advocating for a joyful lifestyle.

our brand

Here at Monument Grills, our primary mission is to ignite your passion to praise, pursue and perfect the art of grilling. Our expert team of manufacturers and in-house technicians have consistently built the boldest, best-in-class grills on the market today.

Our fleet of first-in-class grills offer pitmasters like you a full menu of features, including:

  • Premium, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates to ensure thorough, even cooking
  • Bold, built-in thermometers that allow for temperature tracking at a glance
  • Dynamic, deluxe Clearview lids to watch your mouthwatering meals cook in real-time—without dissipating heat in the process
  • Bright, light-up LED knobs for late-evening grilling and hosting

So, Prep for your next patio party with Monument Grill’s roster of refined, rugged, precision-engineered grills—and never miss an update from us again! Simply sign up for our company newsletter and follow us on social media for delicious discounts, special promotions, flavorful recipes ,and much, much more.

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