Smoker Box


Model: A007 Smoker Box for M200/14633/14633B/M300/M400M/25392/M400/M200S/M220/M200R/M200B/M200G/M305/M325/M425/M405/M415BZ/M405BZ

The Smoker Box, crafted from stainless steel 430, is a versatile and durable addition to your outdoor cooking arsenal. This smoker box is designed to enhance the flavor and texture of your grilled foods.

  • Size: 375x60x36 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel 430
  • Weight: 1.06lbs/0.48kg
  • Warranty time:1 year
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Every family deserves the best cooking experience. For every detail, our oven accessories are designed to be easy to clean, making post-barbecue cleanup a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the inside of my gas grill?

Keeping the inside of your grill clean is important not only for sanitary reasons, but it helps to keep the components of your grill working properly to make sure that they last for as long as possible, and operate at peak performance.

Knowing what to use to clean the inside of your grill, and how to do so, will help your grill last for years.


We recommend cleaning your cooking grates every time you use your grill.

Simply preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes, with the lid closed, and then brush the grates clean with a Cleaning Brush.


Over time, you may notice a substance that looks like peeling paint on the inside of the lid, butwe don't paint the inside of our grill lids.

During use, grease and smoke vapors slowly change into carbon and form deposits on the inside of your lid.

These deposits will eventually peel, and looks very similar to paint. These deposits are non-toxic, but the flakes could fall onto your food if you do not clean the lid regularly. 

To clean the inside of the lid, brush the carbonized grease with a Cleaning Brush.

How do I clean my burner tubes?

Cleaning the burner tubes in your grill is very important, both for making sure that they provide strong, even heat, and also to make sure that they last for as long as possible.

We recommend cleaning the burner tubes as often as you're willing to, but making sure to do so at least once a year is an absolute must.

Cleaning them on a quarterly basis is a better idea, and if you use your grill multiple times a week, it's not a bad idea to clean them once a month.

Use a clean stainless steel bristle grill brush to clean the outside of the burners by brushing across the top of the burner portholes with a Cleaning Brush.

To clean the air shutters screens, locate the ends of the burners on the underside of the control panel where they meet the valves. Depending on the exact model you own, the control panel may need to be removed to access the air shutters.

Instructions for removing the control panel can be found in the owner's manual for your model grill.

When cleaning the burners, never use a brush that has already been used to clean the cooking grates, as this can transfer grease from the grates onto the burners.

Also, never put sharp objects into the burner port holes, as this pushes debris into the burners, which can result in gas flow issues.

How do I clean my cooking grates?

Dirty cooking grates are not only unsightly, but they can also ruin your grilling experience by causing flare ups, food to stick, and also shorten the lifespan of the parts.

Minor rust or surface corrosion can also usually be removed by cleaning the grates and Flavorizer bars. Properly cleaning and maintaining cooking grates and Flavorizer bars is easy, and of great benefit.


We recommend cleaning your cooking grates every time you use your grill.

Simply preheat the grill on high for 15 minutes, with the lid closed, and then brush the grates clean with a Monument Stainless Steel Grill Brush.

For a more thorough cleaning, use our Grate Grill Cleaner and scrubber pads.

Q: Can I clean my grates in my self-cleaning oven?

A:Due to the amount of debris and cooking residue that can be stuck to the cooking grates, we advise against cleaning them in a self-cleaning oven, as doing so could create a large and dangerous amount of smoke.

Q: Can I clean my grates with aluminum foil?

A:  Using foil to clean your cooking grates is not recommend.

What's the USB port for?

Our grills that have the USB port are for the USB Light that comes with some and can be added to others. It can also power the Monument Grills Bluetooth Thermometer. Other accessories that you may have that come with a USB cord may be plugged in as well.

Where do I order replacement parts?

You can order all replacement parts here or contact us at if you can't find the part you need.

Do accessories and grill arrive together if I buy a bundle order?

The grill and accessories will be sent in separate packages and might not arrive at the same time.

Smoker Box



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