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Q: Who Makes Monument Grills?

A: We do! We formed Monument Grills who were frustrated with the current offerings in grills. They were either cheaply made and did not last or they were way too expensive for basic features. Based on our industry experience we knew that we could deliver better performance, and more features at a price that more customers could afford. Our team owns a factory that makes some of the best grills in the world. We decided to sell our own designs directly to consumers. The better question may be who is making the grills for those other guys?

Q: Where are Monument Grills Manufactured?

A: Our grills are designed in Atlanta, Georgia and Manufactured by our plant ran in China. Our factory is among the most automated and High Quality in the industry.

Q: How would the build quality of a Monument Grill compare to a Weber or Broil-King?

A: Broil-King would be a very similar quality to a Monument Grill. While we tend to have more features than a Weber, a Weber grill does have thicker steel and a longer warranty.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We will accept a return within 30 days of receipt for unused product in its original packaging. Once the product is assembled, used or past the 30 days from purchase it would fall within our generous warranty policy.  Warranty Info here.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A. To get your order to you as soon as possible, all orders are processed to ship the following business day 10am. To cancel your order, you would need to email Customerservice@monumentgrills.com by 9am Monday – Friday and we will attempt to cancel your order. If we are unable to cancel your order you would have to refuse your delivery with FedEx or email us for a return. 

Q: Do Monument Grills come assembled?

A: Monument Grills do not come assembled. Each grill will have to be put together upon arrival. You can purchase a grill from HomeDepot.com with shipped to store and have the option to have it assembled by their associates prior to pick up. Lowes offers assembly however there may be a fee (Customers are responsible for arranging pick up of their assembled grill from store).

Q: Where do I order replacement parts?

A: You can order all replacement parts here or contact us at CustomerService@monumentgrills.com if you can't find the part you need. 

Q: Where can I see a Monument Grill?

A: The following locations have our grills:
-Select Lowe’s stores - stocks model 77352NG & model 35633
-Rona (Lowe’s Canada) stocks model 35633
-Monument Grills can also be found online at Monumentgrills.com, Lowes.com, HomeDepot.com, Wayfair.com, Walmart.com, Target.com, and Amazon.com



 Q: Why does my order show Label Created but no movement?

A: When Labels are created, that means we have pulled your order and applied our FedEx label however FedEx has not picked up a trailer and scan it yet.  Due to high demand during the holidays, as well as expanded safety measures that have been put into place, FedEx are experiencing delays. There is a shortage in Trailers and Drivers. We are working hard to get you your order ASAP. 

Q: How long does it take to get my Replacement Part Order?

A: There is a 5-7 business days processing time and it takes 3-5 business days from the time your order is first scan with Carrier to deliver.

 Q: How long does it take to get my Grills/Accessories order?

A: There is a 1-2 business days processing time and it takes 3-5 business days from the time your order is first scan with Carrier to deliver.

 Q: I received the wrong item! What do I do?

A: Mistakes happen and we apologize! Contact us via Email (CustomerService@Monumentgrills.com) or Chat and we will create a return for the incorrect item. Once that item has been successfully dropped off or picked up by the carrier your replacement No charge order will be created and a new Order number with tracking information will be emailed to you.

Q: I think my package is lost/My package says lost on the tracking! Help!

A: Carriers are not perfect and sometimes a package can get lost. In the case of Lost in transit orders, we ask that you contact us via email with your order number and we will contact the carrier to verify it is lost. Once done we will re-send your order out with a new order number and tracking information. All Claims will be handled by Monument Grills.

Q: My tracking says Delivered but I don’t see it here. What do I do?

A: Once an order is logged as Delivered by the carrier, Monument Grills is no longer responsible. Customers are to complete a claim with FedEx here: (Claim can take 7-10 days for an investigation to be completed) We also advised to dispute all charges with their financial institution.

Q: Can I change the shipping address or choose the day of delivery?

A: We reserve the right to choose the carrier of your shipment. We don’t, however, control the shipping companies. Once the shipment is in the hands of the delivery company, we can’t change shipping addresses or arrange for delivery to happen on a certain day. You do have the option to create an account with the carrier and modify the delivery however you will be responsible for all shipping delays from that moment on.



Q: Does the Monument Grill Rotisserie Need to be plugged in?

A: Yes, it is electric and must be plugged in to operate.

Q: Is there a Rotisserie attachment that would work on the Monument Grills?

A: Yes, our Rotisserie Kit will fit all of the Monument Grill models.

Q: How much weight can the Rotisserie Kit hold?

A: The Rotisserie Kit can hold up to 11 lbs.

Q: Can the Rotisserie Kit be used at the same time as the side burner or side sear burner is in use?

A: The Rotisserie Kit can be used with either the side burner or side sear burner, but not both at the same time. The motor for the Rotisserie Kit cannot be exposed to heat.

Q: Can I use an existing Rotisserie Kit on a Monument Grill?

A: Most likely, if it is a Universal Rotisserie Kit.

Q: Does the Monument Grill come with a Rotisserie Kit?

A: The following models come with a Rotisserie Kit: 17842, 77352 ,77352NG.



Q: What is the USB port for?

A: Our grills that have the USB port are for the USB Light that comes with some and can be added to others. It can also power the Monument Grills Bluetooth Thermometer. Other accessories that you may have that come with a USB cord may be plugged in as well.

Q: Do you have to use an electrical outlet to use the USB Light and LED Knobs on the Monument Grill? 

A: No: the USB Light and the LED Knobs are powered by 4 AA Batteries (included).

Q: Does Monument Grills offer the USB Light as an aftermarket item?

A: Yes, it can be found on our website MonumentGrills.com.



Q: Can Monument Grills be converted into Natural Gas? 

A: There are 2 grills that are Natural Gas Convertible. Model 41847NG and Model 77352NG (this model is available at Lowes only).

Q: Do Monument Grills come with a Propane Level Indicator?

A: At this time, our grills do not come with a propane level indicator.

Q: What is the model number for the Natural Gas Conversion kit?

A:  Model: 97352 - Natural Gas Conversion Kit Click here.


Assembly/Use FAQ

Q: How heavy are the Monument Grills?

A: Monument Grills are approximately 100 lbs excluding the packaging.

Q: Do all 4 Wheels lock?

A: Yes, all 2, 4, and 6 burner wheels lock.

Q. How do I reset my regulator?

A. Turn off your propane tank valve and burner knobs, disconnect the regulator and hose from the propane tank, wait about three minutes, and then reattach the regulator and hose and perform a leak test. Make sure to perform a leak test before your first use, anytime you exchange the propane tank, move your grill, and once a year. 

Q: What kind of Stainless Steel are Monument Grills?

A: Monument Grills Stainless Steel Grills are 430 Stainless Steel, and the burners are 304 Stainless Steel. Our 430 Stainless Steel are wet rolled, read the article here to find out more about wet rolled steel.

Q: Can I order a Monument Grill with Stainless Grill Plates instead of the Cast Iron Plates?

A: Monument Grills offers Stainless Steel Cooking Grids in a 3-pack that can be interchanged with the cast iron grids (Sold Separately).

Q. What do I do if my grill is not getting hot?

A: Make sure the propane tank has a positive connection to the valve system. Remember to turn off the grill burner knobs and propane tank valve before making or removing a connection. 

Q: How hot should my grill get?

A: The actual grids will heat up to about 700 degrees, the temperature gauge will heat up and reflect approximately 500 degrees.

Q: How do I clean the glass on the Clear View models, and the Grill itself?

A: We suggest using a non-toxic cleaner such as Simple Green, or warm soapy water.

Q. How do I clean the exterior of the grill?

A. We suggest you read our blog here for best tips on cleaning and maintaining your grill! 

Q: Where can I find the Installation Guide or Assembly Guide?

A: A link to The Owner’s manual is at the bottom of the description for each of the grills. You can also find a complete list of all assembly videos and manuals here.


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