Replacement Parts and Warranty


We give an industry leading 1 year (8 years on the Stainless Steel burners) against broken or damaged parts at the time of purchase. It is warranted to be free of defects. 


Entire Grill

 1-Year Full Warranty on Grill: If this grill fails due to defective material or workmanship within one year from the date of purchase, call 1-800-530-9133 (option 1) to arrange for replacement parts.

8-Year Limited Warranty on Stainless Steel Burners: For eight years from the date of purchase, any stainless steel burner that rusts through will be replaced free of charge. After the first year from the date of purchase, you pay for labor if you wish to have it installed.
Terms and Conditions
All warranty coverage excludes ignitor batteries and grill part paint loss, discoloration, or rusting, which are either expendable parts that can wear out from normal use within the warranty period, or are conditions that can be the result of normal use, accident, or improper maintenance. All warranty coverage is void if this grill is ever used for commercial or rental purposes. All warranty coverage applies only if this grill is used in the United States.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state. The warranty is only valid for original purchasers with proof of purchase from authorized retailers. Any product bought second-hand or through an unauthorized retailer, will not be covered by warranty. It is the duty of the purchaser to verify that a retailer is authorized. A purchase on Amazon (non Monument Grill seller) or other marketplace internet retailer from any entity other than Monument Grills is not an original purchase and will not qualify for a warranty.
All parts that meet the warranty requirements will be shipped at no charge via the discretion of the manufacturer (ground shipments, US Mail, or Parcel Post ONLY). Any special handling charges (i.e. Second Day, overnight, etc.) will be the responsibility of the consumer. All warranty claims require a proof of purchase verifying purchase date. Do not return parts without first obtaining a return authorization label from our parts and warranty department. 
Warranty Parts:
Still under our one year parts warranty? Please fill out our warranty parts form here and one of our parts and warranty members will reach out to you.
Purchase Parts:
Out of warranty? No problem, we have parts available for purchase AWS Parts
Or if you are not sure what is wrong with your grill you can fill out our Replacement Parts form and have our team contact you with troubleshooting issues and let you know how much parts are.
Damaged Parts during Shipping:
Not a problem. We got you covered. Please fill out this damage claims form 
All Claims are worked within 24-48 hour time frame


Our Commitment to Customers and Quality

We make nothing but high quality grills - built to last many seasons. And as a company we want to build customers for life. We firmly believe that every Monument Grills customer deserves a perfect grill. We understand that grilling is a social event. You have friends and family over and want to be able to brag about your new grill and we want that too! Whether it is bragging about how well it cooks, how hot it gets, how good it looks or even how long it has lasted, we love to brag! We build every grill with those backyard parties in mind.  
It starts with the design. Built for looks, performance and durability; our grills are a step ahead of grills sold at similar price points and often better than ones sold for hundreds of dollars more.
Our manufacturing facility is state of the art with continuous stamping and robotic welding. Every grill and every package is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. We test beyond the industry standards for corrosion and safety.

Commitment to Service

Three of our founders had significant careers at The Home Depot and their approach to service is built into their DNA.  
While our process and goal is a perfect grill, we understand that sometimes things happen. First and foremost, our grills are being shipped to you via carrier and we cannot control how they handle the package. Sometimes customers will have a loose screw or miss a part. But regardless of the source of the problem, we will send you any parts that are damaged or missing and even an entire new grill if it does not arrive in perfect condition. We ship out replacement parts ASAP and free of any charge.
We have a dedicated customer service team that can be reached at 1-800-530-9133 or by email at We turn around all requests next business day. 

You can buy a Monument Grill with confidence

We are a strong US based company, have great customer service, and spare parts available. We stand behind every grill! We will make you proud so you can brag about us in the backyard!


For additional support please contact us via email:
Or you can also leave us a message on our Contact us page here