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Maintaining exterior grill while living on the Coast. 0

Living on the coast and owning a grill can be a challenge. Acid rain, pool chemicals, and salt water can cause surface rusting to appear. You can have a cover on your grill but sometimes the moisture from the rain can creep up into the grill surface. Take a few minutes to read this blog and get familiar with how to maintain your grill exterior if you are leaving near the coast.
  • Natalie Heflin

An Amazing and Affordable Black Enameled Grill 0

Monument Grills vs weber
If you are like us, you think it is not right to pay $500 or more for a high quality porcelain coated grill. When we founded Monument Grills it was out of frustration with the market options. 

Monument Grills Have Superior Burners for Superior Performance 0

Monument Grills Burners
The bottom line is that a grill is a cooking tool. No matter how beautiful it is or what it is made out of it is only worth having if it can cook. When we started the design process for Monument Grills we started with the cooking system. 
  • Winston Ledet

How to Clean Your Monument Grill 0

Keep your grills in tip-top shape throughout the grilling seasons year after year by following these tips and tricks for your gas grill.