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Monument Grills Have Superior Burners for Superior Performance

Monument Grills Have Superior Burners for Superior Performance - Monument Grills

Monument Grills 304 Steel Burners Graduated

The bottom line is that a grill is a cooking tool. No matter how beautiful it is or what it is made out of it is only worth having if it can cook. When we started the design process for Monument Grills, we started with the cooking system. The video below highlights the key features.

In a nutshell...

  • We start with the burners.  We use only 304 grade Stainless Steel.  This is one of the highest grades that resists corrosion and will last a long, long time - we put an 8 Year warranty on them
  • Our burners have a very different design than most grills.  The ports are out at a 45 degree angle.  This design helps to distribute the heat better and it means that
    1. The flame is much cleaner and hotter.  You can see below the blue (complete burn) flames for Monument compare to a popular grill from Nexgrill.  That means more heat for the same amount of gas and less soot on your food and grill. This is why Monument Grills can heat up so fast and reach temperatures beyond what most gas grills can hit.  
    2. The wider angle also means that the heat goes onto you flame tamers and food and not the burners themselves.  That leads to longer life.

Monument Grills Vs Nexgrill Burners

Every gas grill has to deal with the fact that the burners are hotter near the front of the grill where the gas comes in.

Many competitors simply slant their burners to compensate for the problem.  But this leads to very uneven heat.  We take the extra expense and time of boring variable holes in the tube so that they are graduated from back to front.  So we get very even heat throughout the grill.

We built Monument Grills to have a superior cooking system.  We did not stop tweaking until we had a grill the got hot faster, had an even temperature throughout and could hold up to a lot of cycles.  Our thousands of satisfied grilling customers love it and we think you will too.


Like one of the older posts my flame on my burner comes up way past the guards as well. How do you turn the flames down? On other grills even on high there’s a way to turn the flame down if it’s too much.
Tremayne Myles,

I have only had this grill for about a year, the flame cums a way up and around the guards making my grill useless. Can I correct this or do I need new burners I have the Nd 35633 I purchased at Walmart, if I need new burners how much are they going to cost me. Thanks 16" burners.

David Smith,

i have a monument 35633 and i love it. after a year several burners have started showing yellow flames. I read the procedure to clean the burners but I can’t understand where the screws are that need to be removed. I’m 74 with bad knees, so I only want to get down once if they are under the grill. I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks. lloyd clark.

lloyd r clark,

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