Fun 4th of July Desserts: Ol' Glory S'mores Dip

Fun 4th of July DessertsOl' Glory S'mores Dip


  • (3) Chocolate bars
  • (1) Package of marshmallows
  • (1) box of graham crackers      
  • Red and blue sprinkles
  • Square or rectangular pan

Perfect red, white and blue Ol' Glory S'mores Dip to celebrate Independence Day! 

Try out this special treat with your family 


1. Start by laying down the chocolate bars on the bottom of the pan

2. Dip marshmallow in water, then roll in blue sprinkles; add to top left corner (to form a stars area) 

3. Repeat Step 2 with red sprinkles; finishing the blue line

4. Add blue marshmallows then white, plain marshmallow; then repeat with red until you've formed a flag

5. Heat the Monument Grills 35633 up to 350°

6. Bake on the other side of the grill until marshmallows have created a crispy, gooey form (about 7 to 10 mins)

7. (OPTIONAL) Scorch a little bit of the marshmallows to give it that full campfire s'mores experience

8. Use graham crackers to scoop up the dip. 

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