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Model: Denali 605 & Gas Grill Cover

Experience the Denali 605 Dual Fuel Gas Grill, your gateway to elevated outdoor cooking. Designed for family gatherings and culinary enthusiasts, this smart grill brings convenience to your fingertips. Control and monitor your grill with ease through the Bluetooth App, while the Full Window Lid offers a clear view of your creations. The Easy-to-Read LED Screen and Indication Knob Lights simplify the cooking process. Crafted from premium materials, this grill supports natural gas and propane, delivering a generous 895 sq in. cooking area and 84,000 BTUs of power. With a side burner featuring hooks, precise temperature control, and exceptional durability, the Denali 605 enhances your grilling experience. Please note, the gas conversion kit is available separately. Upgrade your grilling game and create memorable moments with the Denali 605.

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    A Grill that Knows You Better

    Grilling is about time spending time with families and friends, and DENALI is here come to release your hands, to let you focus more on people, less on the machine.
    No matter if you are a beginner or a specialist, Monument Grills now brings you with the proud smart gas grill Denali series that keeps the classic tradition while combines with the latest tech.To make it easier, efficient and confiendent for you to enjoy the grilling game.

     Denali 605 Propane & Natural Gas Grill

    • TOTAL 84000 BTUS , 895 SQ. IN COOKING AREA

    If you have a big family and friends to serve and want things to be easier and more efficient, Denali 605 is your must have choice for the smart app control, flexible natural and propane gas support, overall 84,000 BTU and 895 sq. Cooking area, and the creative knob ignition design, to make things faster, smarter and happier for you.


    Make It Smarter 

    Time is everything, thanks to the smart timer, food and temperature monitor function in the app, you can control the grilling work much more accurate than before.

    Accurate temperature monitor

    Easy-to-use interface

    Denali 605



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 105 reviews
    Kevin Zanella
    Summer Nights winter lights

    Monument Grill is maintaining all the positive reviews thus far released. Even on cold nights with the top closed, the Grill heats to a high temperature and grilling a thick Filet Steak to perfection is completed. Only issue I have is the schematics on putting the electrical together is vague and too small. Try a larger diagram as well as color directions.


    Replacing a seven year old Kenmore grill that served me well! After assembling it I have doubts. It looks great I can't wait to break it in, if nothing else it looks great on the deck! Update to follow.

    Bob Monica
    Love My New Grill

    I love to grill, and my last Weber was too small and frustrating. So Iintended to upgrade to a bigger Weber. I've been a Weber guy for years. So, I bought a new Weber Genesis e-325s copper 3-burner from Lowes. I don't know which I was more disappointed in - the Weber Gril or Lowe's service. Anyway, I returned it and began researching. My mind and heart landed on Monument. Great reputation and the folks on the phone are so nice and helpful. Anditcosts less than the Genisis. So, I bought the new 6 burner. Great device. Cooks steady and hot... great look... love the dials with individual ignition... and really love the digital thermostat. Put it together with a buddy in about 2 hours. Just lovin' this Monumentally great grilling world.

    Jennelyn Javier

    This grill is amazing. The smart features and accurate temperature control make grilling a breeze, and the six burners provide ample cooking space. I highly recommend the Monumentgrills Denali 605 Smart Grill.

    Charles Xu
    good grill!

    The six burners on the Monumentgrills Denali 605 Smart Grill provide ample cooking space, and the smart features make grilling so much easier. It's a great investment for anyone who loves to BBQ.

    Christopher Bhoorasingh
    An excellent grill that has a nice profile

    An excellent grill, it gets very hot, has a side burner, glass door to see food on grill. Excellent grill and good customer service.

    Not Opened

    Sorry but I have not even opened up the boxes containing the new grill. Looks like I won't be able to post a review until Spring.

    sam micu
    converted from LP to NG. Has weak burner flame at beginning.

    Converted from LP to NG. Takes several tries to ignite the burners, but will eventually ignite. The flame is very weak at first as if not enough gas, the burner is partially lit. A minute later, gas flow goes to normal and entire burner is lit. not a big problem, just have to give it a minute. Also, the magnet that holds the battery case comes off easily, also not a big deal. The glass view is very nice.

    Ricardo Rengifo
    Solid entry to mid-grade grill w cool features

    Pros: large cooking area, digital thermometer with probes, glass window, led controls, porcelain coated fire box, easy to assemble

    Cons: metals used throughout (stainless, cast iron) a bit thin so not as hefty as it looks

    Overall seems like a good bang for the buck.. if it lasts over 5 years it will be good value, time will tell!