CHRISTMAS GIFT Prepared for Grill lovers

Thanks for participating our CHRISTMAS Sale! We have preapred top grills for you or the people you wanna to say thanks too.
Please kindly check our winner list and contact us within 48 hours if you win this CHRISTMAS.
Don Rider
Sammy Ever
Alex Kopp
Gil Templeton
Chris Ritchie
Nicole Moore
Kevin Whitehorn
cleo gray
Bill Harlow
Higher Grilling BBQ
J Pullman

John Cater
Whitney Maddox
Philip Magenau
LaTonja Hill
Masiha Salma


Gregory Gildersleeve



Juan DeHaro
St. Bernard Acres
Fidel Martinez
Mile High Guy BBQ
Tom wade
robin kimball
Thomas Scarano
Ken Fisher
John Barker
Joe Kennedy
Ken brumfiel
Andrew Rog

We will update the list every day. 


LetsdothisBBQ Here! Is there any other info you need from me? I’m assuming you will reach out by email !

Mike P.,

I was one of the winners listed above (Mile High Guy BBQ)
Scott Welch,

I won the 22in deluxe pellet grill. I wasn’t sure if I had to reach out even though my info was sent to you already.

Christina graffeo,

Hello! I won the Christmas gift on Twitter I’m @LetsdothisBBQ
Mike Poulter,

Hello I won on the Tom wade channel. I choose the charcoal grill. Thank you!
Juan DeHaro,

Hello I won the contest on twitter and was just reaching out. I’m BBQ 27. Wasn’t sure how to reach out.
Bryttanie Bojczak,

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