English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich 



  1. Remove the round grill grate and insert the Round Cast Iron Cooking Plate
  2. Preheat your Monument grill to 400° F.
  3. Place the strips of bacon on the Round Cast Iron Cooking Plate. Season with Monument Grills Texas Pork Rub.
  4. After a few minutes flip the bacon and cook the other side. Add the English muffins to the Round Cast Iron Cooking Plate.
  5. Remove the English muffin and bacon once the desired doneness is reached.
  6. Divide your breakfast sausage into two ¼ pound patties.
  7. Place the sausage patties directly on the grill grates. Cook for approximately 3 minutes.
  8. Flip the sausage patties and top each patty with a slice of cheese. Cook for an additional 3 minutes.
  9. Meanwhile, crack the eggs onto the Round Cast Iron Cooking Plate. Fry until the egg is cooked to your liking.
  10. Assemble the sandwich with English muffin, bacon, sausage patty with cheese, and fried egg.

Perfect Grill, Perfect Meal

  • 4 main burners + side burner + sear zone
  • Total 72,000 BTU
  • 723 sq. inches of cooking area
  • LED Control Knobs
  • Stainless flame tamers

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