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Recipe: Fresh And Fast Breakfast Burger

by liao wanting 30 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Beef and Bacon Smash Burger Sliders

Get your fresh and fast breakfast on a griddle by Monumentgrills

Shared by IG@higher_grilling_bbq



(1) pkg of Pretzel Slider buns
(1.5) lb ground beef
Habanero honey mustard and chipotle Ketchup
Bacon seasoned with Reaper Run
(1) Onion, white ~ sliced and grilled



    Cook and season the bacon until done
    Throw on some onions and grill until soft and caramelized
     Make even burger balls and smash down once placed on the griddle;
    season with Cattle Call
    Once the burgers hit 165° remove and toast the slider buns
    Add some ketchup, burger, onions, bacon and mustard and finish
    assembly with pretzel slider top
    Make sure to share before eating them all !!!



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