35633 | Blue Infrared Gas Grill

4 Burners | Liquid Propane Gas


Model: Blue 35633

Embark on your grilling journey with our stainless steel 4-burner gas grill, featuring a side burner and sear zone, offering robust performance and innovative features:

  • Four main 304 stainless steel burners, one side burner, and one side sear zone with infrared heating, totaling 72,000 BTUs for powerful heat and performance.
  • Spacious 510 square inches of primary cooking space and 190 square inches of warming rack area, allowing you to grill over 35 burgers or 32 chicken thighs at once.
  • Porcelain-coated, cast-iron cooking grates ensure even cooking, while stainless flame tamers enhance flavors.
  • Built-in Clear View Lid and center-mounted thermometer enable easy monitoring of cooking temperatures without heat loss.
  • LED Control Knobs provide increased visibility at night.
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Monument Grills 35633 Blue Infrared Gas Grill
  • Monument Grills Parameters : 8-10 people

    8-10 People


  • Monument Grills Parameters : 72000 BTU



  • Monument Grills Parameters : 700 area



  • Monument Grills Parameters : 28 hamburger



35633 Blue 4 Burners Gas Grill Technology

Compatible Grill Grate Model

35633 Blue Parts Description

    Parts Description

  • 1

    Clearview glass lid

  • 2

    Versatile Side Burner 12000 BTU

  • 3

    Built-in Temperature Gauge

  • 4

    Electronic ignition

  • 5

    LED Control Knob

  • 6

    Lockable Caster Wheels

  • 7

    Storage Cabinet

  • 8

    Sear Zone 12000 BTU

35633 Blue Product Dimensions

Product Dimensions

Lid Closed (inches)

Every gas grill is backed with a 8-year warranty, so you can enjoy season after season of peak grilling performance and good times with family and friends.


A table comparing the facets of 4 products
Total BTU's 72,000
Total Cooking Area (Sq in) 700
Primary Cooking Area 510
Secondary Cooking Area (Sq in) 190
Assembled Width*Depth*Height 54.5*24.0*46.5 (inch)
Main Grill Grate Material cast-iron cooking grates
Fuel Type Propane
Grill Finish Blue
Ignition Type Electronic ignition
Number of Main Burners 4
Number of Side Burners 2
Product Weight 108 (lbs)

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A table comparing the facets of 3 products
35633 | Blue Infrared Gas Grill
monument 4 burner grill
24367 | Stainless Infrared Gas Grill
41847NG | Stainless Gas Grill
From $499.99
From $449.99
From $459.99
8-10 People
8-10 People
8-10 People
Total Cooking Area
Total Cooking Area
Total Burner BTU's
Total Burner BTU's
Side Burners
Side Burners
Assembled Size
Assembled Size
54.5*24.0*46.5 (inch)
54.5*24.0*46.5 (inch)
54.5*24.0*46.5 (inch)
Ignition Type
Ignition Type
Electronic ignition
Electronic ignition
Electronic ignition
Fuel Type
Fuel Type
Propane / Natural Gas
Product Weight
Product Weight
108 (lbs)
102 (lbs)
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FAQs on 4 Main Burners

Where can I see the temperature?

You can check the temperature via Bluetooth app or Smart Temperature Display.

Can I use Denali without using Smart Systems?

The Denali without the smart system also has the basic functions of a grill, but you need to prepare a separate thermometer to know the internal temperature of the grill.

How long can my battery box support me to use the electronic screen?

Four #5 batteries provide 80 hours of display use when only the display is powered.

Which grills can be converted to natural gas?

This grill 41847NG and D605 can be converted to natural gas with the purchase of Monument Grills Conversion Kit model 98523 (Sold Separately). You can click here to buy the conversion kit.

The link: https://monumentgrills.com/products/natural-gas-conversion-kit

What is the glass window made of?

Our glass window are made of high temperature resistant silicone compounds.

How much weight can the side tables on my grill hold?

The shelf is designed to hold plates of food to be cooked, spices, sauces, beverages, etc. It should not be used to hold excessive weight. The Denali grill shelves can hold up to 45lbs and the rest of the grill shelves can hold up to 20lbs.

How should I preheating?

Ensuring proper preheating of the grill is crucial for achieving the desired high temperature. Begin by lighting the grill following the instructions in your owner's manual. Then, turn up the burners, cover the grill with the lid, and wait approximately 15 minutes.

After this time, the grill should reach a temperature between 500 and 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Properly preheating your grill is also essential for preventing food from sticking to the cooking grates.

Will my tabletop gas grill have a suitable rain cover?

Yes, we have rain cover for portable gas grill, you need to buy them separately on the website.

The link: https://monumentgrills.com/products/gas-and-charcoal-grill-cover?variant=39833209077823

The link: https://monumentgrills.com/products/gas-and-charcoal-grill-cover?variant=39833181618239

Does the tabletop grill come with a propane hose?

The grill includes a hose to connect to 20lb Propane Tank.

What is the function of the chain hanging beside the front panel?

It is the manual lighting stick, our grill is equipped with a manual ignition device, which you can use to light the grill when there is a problem with the electronic ignition device.

How do I use the side burner?

Before turning on the gas to "ON," check the supply hose. If there are cuts, abrasions, or signs of wear, it must be replaced before use. If there is a gas smell, do not use the grill.

1. Fully open the side burner lid.
2. Push and turn the side burner knob to the max position. Simultaneously, press and hold the electronic ignition button for 3-5 seconds to ignite the burner.
3. If the side burner does not light after 5 seconds, turn the knob to OFF. Close the LP gas cylinder and wait 5 minutes for the gas to clear. Then open the lid and repeat step 2.
4. If the burner still does not ignite, refer to the section on lighting with matches.

How do I light a burner with a match?

1. Take the manual lighting stick.
2. Insert a match into the lighting stick.
3. Follow steps of the Basic Lighting Procedure.
4. Light the match and extend the lighting stick to cooking grid surface.
5. Turn the desired control knob to the Max position setting to release gas. The burner should light immediately.

What size tank should I use for my grill?

The standard QCC1 20 lb propane tank fits our gas grill products.

ls the Bluetooth stable to use?

Yes. The Bluetooth connect with the grill reliably for up to 65 feet outside.

Why is Denali's warming rack constructed differently than regular ones?

Denali's warming rack is a multifunctional warming rack that can hang chicken Thights, chicken legs, roast peppers and much more, which is more versatile compared to ordinary cooking grids.

What grill grids fit my Denali?

The sku for the grill grids adapted to Denali is as follows:

How much charcoal can I place in my charcoal grill?

The weight of charcoal that can be stored in our charcoal grills during normal use is 1.2KG/ 2.6Lbs.

What type of charcoal can I use in my grill?

We recommend using a standard size charcoal briquette in order to provide the most consistent heat and predictable burn time while grilling.

What features are included in the app?

Our APP contains recipes, real-time temperature view of the grill, grill probe temperature reminder, grill timer and more!

How do I connect my phone to the grill's Bluetooth?

• Scan the QR code below and download the APP (Monument Grills) ,or search "Monument Grills" in APP store.
• After download the APP, initiate Bluetooth function of your phone, meanwhile turn on the Digitemp Display on the grill.
• Open the APP, click orange “Add Device” button, the APP will search Monument smart Grills nearby (Step 1).
• A grill icon will be shown below “Discovering devices” after the smart grill is detected by the APP, click the orange “Add” button to the next step(step 2).
• Click the blue icon to confirm adding the grill (step 3).
• There will be a green tick above the grill to indicate the grill is adding successfully, and click Done” on the upright corner to go to next step. You can rename the grill in this page with the grey pen icon at the right side of the grill
(step 4).
• The real-time temperature is shown in this page, and you can adjust probe temperature or select the recipe you would like to use, detail in next page(step 5).
*Bluetooth range: in empty flat area without any obstacle, the bluetooth range is 115 feet. and the range will be 10 feet with a wall or other similar obstacle.However,maximum communication range will vary depending on obstacles(person, metal, wall, etc.) or electro-magnetic environment.

How do I use the meat probe?

Insert the meat probe into the plug, and short press setup button“SET” to set the target temperature.
1. After the first press, the temperature icon for P1 will be flashing.
2. After the second press, the temperature icon for P2 .
3. Increase or decrease the target temperature by pressing "P2"or“+” button: each short press adds or deducts 1.8°F, while long press“-” to increase or decrease the target temperature continuously. The temperature range of meat probe is 104°F-212°F.
4. The thrid press will confirm all the setup. • There will be a beep when the meat temperature is reached to the target temperature.

35633 | Blue Infrared Gas Grill

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