About Us

The act of Grilling can be traced back to some 500,000 years ago, shortly after the domestication of fire. Modern day grills are a “Monuments To Grilling” that are found in backyards and communities across the Americas.

Founded by a team of experts in grill design and manufacturing, Monument Grills have superior features at a value price.  Our executive team is top executives and the factory owner of one of the best grill plants in the world.  

Our factory is one of the most high tech grill factories in China with advanced coating capabilites, robotic welding and a superior approach to Stainless Steel fabrication.

We come together out of frustration with what was in the retail market for grills. You either had very cheap grills in the $179 to $300 price point that looked great but did not cook well and did not last; or you had options that performed, but were $500 or more (sometimes a lot more).  It seemed to us a big gap.  So our goal was to deliver high performing grills at a great value.  We look to bring innovative new features and unmatched customer service.

Monument offers innovations like Clearview Glass that allows any backyard chef to check their cooking without raising the lid.  We use superior materials like 304 stainless steel burners and porcelain coated cast iron. Monument grills heat up fast and have the most even heat in the industry.

Our rugged outdoor designs are inspired by the American West.  Your monument grill can be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining with friends and family for years to come.